Facts and Figures

Company name

zooplus AG


Sonnenstraße 15, 80331 Munich

Year of incorporation


Accounting standard


Financial year

01.01 – 31.12. (calendar year)

Corporate Structure and affiliated companies

zooplus AG, Munich, Germany

Matina GmbH, Munich, Germany

Bitiba GmbH, Munich, Germany

zooplus services Ltd., Oxford, UK

zooplus France s.a.r.l., Straßbourg, France

zooplus Italia s.r.l., Genoa, Italy

Zooplus Pet Supplies Import and Trade Ltd., Instanbul,Turkey

zooplus Polska Sp. z.o.o., Krakow, Poland

zooplus Services ESP S.L., Madrid, Spain

zooplus Nederland BV, Tilburg, The Netherlands

zooplus Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria

zoolog Services sp. z o.o., Wraclaw, Polen


1,801.5 EUR m (2020)


768 (2020)