Business Model zooplus AG

Business Model

zooplus AG, founded in 1999, has been operating for more than 18 years and is today’s leading online retailer in Europe for pet supplies. zooplus already ranks as the second largest retailer in terms of sales in the overall European market, which includes both bricks-and-mortar and online sales of pet supplies.


The company sells around 8,000 products for the  most  popular  types  of  pets.  The  product  range  includes  pet  food  (dry  and  wet  food  and  food  supplements)  and  accessories,  such  as  scratching  posts,  dog  beds  and  baskets  and  toys  in  all  price  categories.  zooplus  customers  not  only enjoy an extensive product range and fast and free delivery but also benefit from a variety of interactive content and community offers.


zooplus AG has already successfully launched its business model in 30 European countries. This makes zooplus AG the only genuinely pan-European online retailer for pet supplies. Since its initial public offering in 2008, the company’s sales have risen from EUR 80 m to a total of EUR 1,111 m in the 2017 financial year.


Pet  supplies  are  a  major  market  segment  in  the  European  retail  landscape.  In  2017,  gross  sales  of  pet  supplies  and  accessories in Europe amounted to around EUR 26 bn. Because of the higher population and progressive humanization of  pets  in  a  majority  of  countries,  the  growth  of  the  overall  market  is  expected  to  continue  in  the  years  ahead. Additionally,  Europe  is  expected  to  continue  to  see  considerable  growth  in  the  area  of  online  retailing.  zooplus  AG  expects these trends to continue to propel the company’s strong sales momentum. In the year 2018, sales are expected to increase again by 21 % to 23 %.

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