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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

ZOOPLUS AG together with all of the companies within the zooplus group (“ZOOPLUS”) is committed to conducting its business relationships and sourcing of quality merchandise and services in a manner that reflects our high ethical, moral and social values. We are committed to ensuring that the merchandise and services we source are obtained only from suppliers who strive to uphold and adhere to ethical principles of conduct. We reserve the right not to do business with suppliers that do not share and demonstrate our commitment and values.

The ZOOPLUS Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our requirements and expectations that all suppliers and their affiliated organizations - including suppliers, factories and authorized subcontractors - must comply with, in order to conduct business with ZOOPLUS and its related businesses. 

The ethical principles detailed in this Code of Conduct are grounded in the basic principles of the UN Global Compact, the International Labour Standards drawn up by the ILO, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention Against Corruption. Suppliers and their affiliated organizations must demonstrate adherence and continuous improvement towards the following principles.

1.    Human Rights

• Ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.


• Ensure workers are treated with dignity and respect, and avoid any type of harassment including verbal, physical or sexual   behavior.


• Actively maintain the protection of human rights as detailed in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


2.    Labour

• Eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour, including harsh or inhumane treatment of workers.


• Uphold the abolition of child labour and exploitation, and comply with the minimum employment age limit defined by local law or by International Labour Organisation, whichever is lower.

• Uphold the right of workers in conformity with local law to be members of trade unions of their own choice and to bargain collectively.

• Uphold the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation, by ensuring employment is based on an individual’s ability, not on the basis of personal characteristics, such as gender, ethnic origin, religion or personal beliefs.

• Comply with all local laws regulating local wages, overtime compensation and legally authorized benefits. Employees must not be required to work excessive hours per week and have the option of at least one day off in seven.

• Maintain all principles as detailed by ILO, especially the International Labor Standards and the Code of Practice in Safety & Health.

3.    Environment

• Provide working conditions in all production and/or residential facilities which have proper and adequate regard for the health and safety of employees and are consistent with all applicable laws and regulations or industry best practices.

• Adhere to all relevant local and national environmental protection laws, and endeavor to comply with international environment protection standards.

4.    Anti-Corruption, Anti-trust laws

• Proactively work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery including any payment or other form of benefit on any government official for purpose of influencing decision making in violation of law.

• Ensure the interests of the company and the private interests of employees on both sides are to be kept strictly separate.

• Duly implement policies complying with the UN Convention Against Corruption.

• Act in accordance with applicable competition laws and do not participate in price fixing or market sharing.

5.    Legal Compliance

• Suppliers, their factories and authorized subcontractors must comply fully with the legal requirements of the countries in which they operate. All requirements in this code are in addition to the compliance with applicable local laws.

We require all suppliers to adhere to the principles of this code and require that they ensure similar principles are shared with their suppliers, manufacturers and sub-contractors. 
ZOOPLUS will monitor compliance with this Code of Conduct, and we, or any organization acting on our behalf, is authorized to undertake audits with or without notice at the supplier’s premises during usual business hours to verify compliance with the principles of this Code of Conduct. We will only trade with suppliers who maintain open and transparent processes of assessment and who are working towards compliance with our Code of Conduct, if they do not already do so.
We furthermore reserve the right to adequately change this Code of Conduct if general legal or social conditions change.


The following standards served as a basis for the ZOOPLUS Supplier Code of Conduct and may be a useful source of additional information:

• United Nations Global Compact, retrieved from

•    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, retrieved from

•  The International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, retrieved from 

•    The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, retrieved from 

•    The United Nations Convention Against Corruption, retrieved from



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